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Hello guys welcome to RINKI PATEL home town Bangalore. Here I will discuss about myself and about the advantage of Bangalore city regarding the safely sexual satisfaction in all era as well. As we all know that Bangalore is a most prominent and well infrastructure in this country. The beauty of escort service and the beauty of Bangalore location both are same why? Because “Bangalore Independent Escorts”  is a most reliable and beautiful girls and Bangalore is a one of the dashing and corruption less city in India. There is a various type of escorts in Bangalore which is working in a different part of Bangalore. Here Rinki Patel evaluates men for long-term potential while having the sex with people and other else. There is also a casual-sex encounters also allow a woman to evaluate a man’s potential as a long-term partner or husband. Women today who have causal sex are not subjected to the same social rejection as women in the past. A causal encounter gives a women time to test a man for attractiveness, compatibility, resources, generosity and potential for commitment. In other words, she puts a thermometer in his mouth and checks his temperature. Unlike men, however, before starting a causal relationship, women are concerned about a man’s existing relationships and his promiscuity, which shows that they are also testing his long-term husband potential. Men see a woman’s promiscuity and her existing relationships as more of a positive attribute because they indicate easier, ready access to her, and if she is married, she will not demand a commitment from him. This is why, when another woman as a slut describes, she goes up in the opinion of men seeking causal sex.


For most men, a causal-sex encounter or one-night stand can be quickly and easily put out of the mind. Men are driven to procreate, they are fired up with testosterone, and their brains can separate love from sex. For most men, casual sex is just sex, and this is a concept that female brains have difficulty understanding. “Call Girls In Bangalore All survey and studies about causal sex show that most men report high levels of satisfaction from it and tend to experience little guilt. Women’s reports about ‘the morning after’, however, are very different. Most women report a lack of satisfaction, feeling of guilt and reduced self-esteem. Men also reported greater sexual satisfaction, as well as an increased sense of well-being and self-confidence. Men were more likely than women to want their friends to hear about it. Feeling of guilt are highest in women over 40 and this is mostly because they have been conditioned by parents with post-Victorian values or by religion that sex is dirty, disgusting or shameful. Studies show that younger women generally do not suffer guilt to the same extent as older women, but young women still report low levels of satisfaction and degree of self-loathing after causal sex.


When it comes to deciding what a ‘sexual relationship’ really means and whether or not a partner has betrayed you, men and women use different definitions. We analyzed six main studies related to this question in an attempt to come up with a definition of ‘sexual relationship’. This became a hot topic when the “Bangalore Escorts Service” made her famous statement about herself that I do not have a sexual relation with man who is fraud and health problem. From a man’s standpoint, a ‘sexual relationship’ is anything involving physical activity, from intimate touching to full sex. For a woman, however, it’s any activity, physical or not, that a partner participates in that establishes an emotional link with the other person. This definition ranges from foreplay, sexual touching and sensual dancing to secretly meeting for coffee or lunch, intimate emails or internet chat, even if sex has never take place.


The fact that much of our mate preference and sexual urges are innate or hardwired into our brains does not necessarily condemn us to being controlled by our biology. Men are not sentenced to turbulent lives because of their need for sexual variety, and women are not doomed to spend their lives criticizing men for lack of commitment. We humans differ from other animal species in that we have the ability to direct our behavior or change it by making conscious choices. Having knowledge about why we are motivated to make the choice we do means we become accountable for our behavior and its consequences.”Independent Escorts Service in Bangalore” Having choices means that there are no more excuses for behavior ‘ I was so drunk I cannot remember what happened’ or ‘I could not control myself’ or ‘Darwin made me do it!’. The brain of the common moth is hardwired to allow it to navigate by the light of the moon and stars, but like humans, the moth now lives in an era that does not tolerate many of its hardwired behaviors. Today, we have insect-zappers, and if the moth blindly follows its attraction to light, it gets fried. And so will any human who refuses to acknowledge and understand the origin of our desire. We can choose to stay away from the light. To assume that men and women are psychologically the same goes against what we know about human mating strategies and is a concept that may well be politically correct but creates confusion, unhappiness and relationship disasters for men and women everywhere. Unless men evolve into sexual beings, as some feminists would have it, men will always seek mates using youth, health and fertility as their base criteria. For their part, women will continue to seek men who have status, power and resources Bangalore Escorts | Call Girls In Bangalore